Winter Fun: Kids’ Baking Afternoon

Winter Fun: Kids’ Baking Afternoon

Are you already tired of the snow this winter? If your kids are more than ecstatic to spend another day at home from school on snow days you’ll need to come up with activities that will keep them busy! Why not create a Snowed-In Kids’ Baking Afternoon? Baking is easy with the KitchenAid® 12″ Convection Digital Countertop Oven, and the KitchenAid® Classic Nonstick 5-piece Bakeware Set will give you unlimited goodie options for baking away the afternoon.

Whether your kids love fresh sugar cookies, chocolaty brownies or traditional cakes & cupcakes, there is no limit to their imagination. They can customize their baked goods by adding their own toppings for a unique way to celebrate staying home for the day. Take a look at how the snowiest day of the season just got warmer and tastier.

Winter Fun: Kids’ Baking Afternoon

Stock up on decorating goodies

I love stocking up on cookie and cake decorations when they go on sale after the holidays. Sugar crystals in assorted colors, milk and white chocolate chips, cranberries and nuts, and of course movie theater bite-size candies are delicious and keep in your cabinets for a long time. I like to use the foil baking cups to separate and hold the toppings so kids can sample them before it’s time to decorate. This layout also makes for easy decorating later on.

Winter Fun: Kids’ Baking Afternoon

Choosing your favorite baking recipes

To get your baking afternoon started, decide which baking recipes you want to make. The KitchenAid® 5-piece Bakeware Set comes with a cupcake and muffin pan, loaf pan, jelly roll pan, square pan and cake pan so you and your kids can let loose on a baking spree. I decided to make brownies, sugar cookies, white cupcakes and a yellow cake in the loaf pan.

Winter Fun: Kids’ Baking Afternoon

Baking away the afternoon

I love that the KitchenAid® Convection Digital Countertop Oven features a digital display timer and preheat function that chimes on the oven. This comes in handy when you’re multi-tasking with your kids, whipping up another cake, or getting lost in conversation with them. The compact oven fits nicely on the countertop and it was easy for my school-aged daughter and son to use with me. The hardest part was for my kids to wait for the cupcakes and loaf cake to cool before we frosted them. Luckily, the cookies cooled faster than the cakes, and nibbling on the toppings made the time fly by.

Winter Fun: Kids’ Baking Afternoon

Let the decorating begin!

Once the brownies, cakes, and cookies have cooled it is time to let your kids decorate them in any way they want. My daughter doesn’t like frosting and my son loves it so we decided to frost some pieces of cake and cupcakes, but leave some bare. Cranberry and nuts make even the plainest cupcake delicious, and adding sprinkles and movie theater candy to any of the baked treats is the ‘icing on the cake’.

If you have younger children, pre-bake the goodies ahead of time and set up stations for frosting and decorating at the dinner table or kitchen counter. Little ones will enjoy playing with the frosting and goodies, while older kids like making a masterpiece with their sweet creations.

Winter Fun: Kids’ Baking Afternoon

This winter instead of dreading the “school is closed due to snow” report on the news, spend the day baking sweet treats and making memories with your kids. Everyone will enjoy how the house is filled with the delicious smell of baked goodies and they will have fun thinking of what they can bake for the next snow day!

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