Storing Frozen Desserts

Freezer Entertaining Tips

As soon as the weather starts to get warm, I find myself using my freezer more frequently than I did for the rest of the year. While the freezer remains a great way to store produce and food, I also use it to as a tool to make frozen desserts. From granitas to sorbets to ice creams and gelatos, my KitchenAid® Counter-Depth French Door Refrigerator does a lot of the bulk work for me.

Freezer Entertaining Tips

Often for summer parties, I’ll make a couple of batches of ice creams or sorbets and store them in freezer-safe containers and then pull them out when it’s time to start serving dessert.

Another bonus with adding frozen desserts to your menu at a party or event is that you need to make them in advance. This releases a lot of free time for you on the actual day of the event. And as we all know, those few extra hours you save can make planning and hosting a party pretty darn relaxing!

Freezer Entertaining Tips

Freezer Entertaining Tips

The freezer is large and wide enough to hold a large amount of food with its three different levels, but it also holds the KitchenAid® Ice Cream Maker Attachment. I usually wrap the top of the Ice Cream Maker Attachment with a sheet of aluminum foil (to keep it clean) and leave it in the freezer when not in use, just in case the urge to whip up something sweet and frozen comes along. The Extend-Freeze™ setting also helps keep food at its best by reducing freezer burn.

For granitas, you’ll need a flat surface to hold the pan where you prepare the granita, and this is another reason why I love this Refrigerator. There are two separate pull-out shelves in the freezer, which I can stick a metal pan to freeze the base without having to move things around in the other compartments.

Freezer Entertaining Tips

Another feature I love about this Refrigerator is the ability to chill the ice cream or sorbet base in the refrigerator section until it is cool enough to add to the Ice Cream Maker Attachment. I do this by wrapping the container with plastic film to prevent the formation of any “skin” on the surface of the ice cream and stick it in the Refrigerator for a few hours to chill.

If you’re running low on time, store your ice cream or sorbet base in an airtight ziptop bag, squeeze the air out and seal it. Place this bag in an ice-water bath and leave it for about 30 minutes to chill completely. For this you can use the automated ice cube maker of the Refrigerator.

I also keep fresh herbs and other perishable ingredients like certain fruit in the Refrigerator when I’m using them to make a particular flavor of ice cream or sorbet. They last longer and stay fresher this way, which gives a much more flavorful product especially if I can’t use the ingredients the day of purchase. The Refrigerator comes with a FreshSeal™ Herb Storage that locks in freshness by maintaining higher humidity levels.

Freezer Entertaining Tips

A lot of these abilities to make ice creams, store both the desserts, and the Ice Cream Maker Attachment are a direct function of the Refrigerator’s design. This makes prepping and cooking effortless because of the space available.

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