In Season: Sweet Potato

In Season: Sweet Potato

Sweet potatoes are delicious, cheap, and available year round; what’s not to love! They add a great vibrant color to any dish and are loaded with health benefits, leaving you feeling guilt free. And these days they are for more than just smothering with brown sugar and marshmallows or using once a year as a Thanksgiving side. Sweet potatoes are great steamed, baked, pureed, sautéed or even dehydrated and eaten as chips. They are even delicious used in sweet dishes as well, like pies, breads, bread pudding, muffins and cookies. Since they are packed full of health benefits they are a great substitute for regular potatoes in almost any recipe. So pick up some sweet potatoes today and enjoy the flavor and nutrition they have to offer.

In Season: Sweet Potato

The Basics

Sweet potato skin and flesh can range in color from cream to purple although the orange and cream fleshed ones are most common. Their shape can be similar to that of a potato or can be longer in form with a large middle section that becomes skinnier towards the ends.

In Season: Sweet Potato

In Season

Peak season for sweet potatoes is typically the fall to winter months though they can be found in grocery stores year round.

In Season: Sweet Potato

What to Look For

When selecting sweet potatoes be sure to look for ones that are firm and feel heavy. Make sure they do not have any rubbery ends, soft spots or any signs of sprouting. Also try to avoid any that have deep or open cuts. The skin of a sweet potato should be tight and not wrinkled. Be sure to check the tips of the sweet potatoes for decay, as this is where it usually begins.

In Season: Sweet Potato

How to Store

Sweet potatoes should be stored preferably loose, in a cool and dark place away from any heat sources. It is best not to refrigerate them, as refrigerator temperatures will actually alter their flavor and texture. Try to use your sweet potatoes within two weeks of purchase.

In Season: Sweet Potato


Sweet potatoes contain a good amount of beneficial antioxidants, contain anti-inflammatory benefits and have the potential to improve blood sugar regulation. They are high in vitamins A and C, packed with calcium and potassium and contain about 114 calories per 1 cup. Sweet potatoes are a good source of fiber and low in fat.

In Season: Sweet Potato

Helpful Tips

If you are not buying organically grown sweet potatoes, be sure to peel their skin before eating as they are often treated with unwanted chemicals or wax.

To keep the color of your sweet potatoes from turning brown once cut, try soaking them in a bath of water until you are ready to use them.

To quickly and easily peel sweet potatoes, place them in boiling water then quickly immerse them into an ice bath and the skins will practically fall off.

Sweet potatoes can be substituted for regular potatoes in almost any recipe.

Do not bake sweet potatoes wrapped in foil. Instead bake them without wrapping them and they will caramelize while cooking.

Cooked sweet potatoes will actually freeze quite well. To do so, cook your sweet potatoes whole using your preferred method, with skin on. Let cool and remove skin. Either slice or mash your sweet potatoes and place in an airtight container in your freezer for up to 12 months.

In Season: Sweet Potato

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In Season: Sweet Potato

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