Roast Turkey Breast

Roast Turkey Breast

Thanksgiving is just around the corner so it’s time to start talking about the turkey. While some people are comfortable roasting an entire turkey, it can be a daunting task. If you’re a novice cook, or perhaps you don’t need to feed an army and are just cooking for 2-4 people, roasting a turkey breast can be a great option. You may even have leftovers for that coveted turkey sandwich the following day.

Roast Turkey Breast

I like to start out with my KitchenAid® 4.0Qt Cast Iron Cookware. It’s the perfect size for the job and it’s as beautiful as it is durable. To begin, place the thickly sliced onions into the middle of the pot to create a base for the turkey.

Roast Turkey Breast

Pat down the turkey breast with paper towels. You want to make sure the surface is as dry as possible.

Roast Turkey Breast

Then rub the turkey breast with room temperature butter. Having the butter at room temperature will allow it to spread much more easily so be sure to set it out earlier than you’re planning on using it. Make sure to get the butter all over the surface and underneath the skin.

Next up, season liberally with kosher salt and freshly cracked black pepper.

Roast Turkey Breast

Place the turkey breast into the Cast Iron Cookware on top of the sliced onions. And that’s it. Now you’ll place it into your preheated oven and allow it to cook for one hour. At the one hour mark, you’ll add the grapes and begin to check the internal temperature of the turkey breast until it reaches 165 degrees.

Roast Turkey Breast

It’s very important that you allow the turkey breast to rest for at least 15 minutes prior to slicing.

Roast Turkey Breast

When you’re ready to carve the turkey, use your KitchenAid® Professional Series 8″ Slicer Knife from the KitchenAid® 11pc Professional Series Cutlery Set to do the job easily. The knife slices right through the meat so carving is a breeze.

Roast Turkey Breast

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Roast Turkey Breast


4-5 pound turkey breast, bone in
1 large onion – thickly sliced
1 stick unsalted butter – room temperature
Kosher salt/black pepper
2 small bunches red grapes
Fresh rosemary for garnish – optional


Preheat the oven to 450 degrees.

Place onion slices into the bottom of your KitchenAid® 4.0Qt Cast Iron Cookware. Set aside.

Pat turkey dry with paper towels. Rub turkey with butter on all sides. Place any extra butter under the skin. Season turkey liberally with salt and pepper and place turkey on top of onion slices.

Reduce heat to 350 degrees. Starting with an initially higher temperature and then lowering the oven just before you place the turkey inside gives a quick sear to the skin and allows the meat to stay juicy. Transfer turkey to oven and roast for one hour. After one hour of cooking, check the temperature in 15 minute increments until internal temperature is 165 degrees. Place your grapes into the Cast Iron Cookware at the one hour mark.

Once turkey is done, allow it to rest for a minimum of 15 minutes prior to carving.

Use the KitchenAid® Professional Series 8″ Slicer Knife from the KitchenAid® 11pc Professional Series Cutlery Set to slice turkey to desired thickness.

Roast Turkey Recipe


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