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Cocoa Oat Blender Pancakes Recipe

Cocoa Oat Pancakes

By: Sarah Menanix of Snixy Kitchen

With cocoa powder, they taste like dessert, but are healthy and naturally gluten-free. When I make these for my toddler, I go wild and cook up character-shaped pancakes. Today, we’ll be a little more sophisticated with a medallion shape.

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Potato & Rosemary Focaccia Recipe

Potato & Rosemary Focaccia

By: Lindsay Landis of Love and Olive Oil

This authentic Italian focaccia is a yeasty canvas for your culinary imagination! We’ve done a topping of sliced multi-colored potatoes and rosemary, but you could also top this bread with pitted olives, tomatoes, anchovies or a sprinkle of parmesan cheese.

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Breakfast Sundae Bites Recipe

Breakfast Sundae Bites

By: Kristi Murphy of Kristi Murphy

Happy National Kids Take Over the Kitchen Day! My oldest just turned two, so he can now help me out with certain things in the kitchen. I have loved getting him involved in the process—he seems to really enjoy cooking!

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Chicken & Sweet Potato Enchiladas Recipe

Chicken & Sweet Potato Enchiladas

By: Aida Mollenkamp of Salt & Wind

On a recent trip to the Southwest, I had an insanely good version of the TexMex classic, Stacked Enchiladas and wanted to remake them ASAP. If you haven’t had them before, it’s basically an enchilada casserole that’s easier and healthier!

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Kimchi Pork Dumplings Recipe

Kimchi Pork Dumplings

By: Betty Liu of

Making dumplings is really a communal event, something families can do together to create big batches (some for now and some for future meals). I still remember creating “fake” dumplings, with no filling, as pranks with my mom.

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