Beet the Heat Juice

Beet the Heat Juice

What better way to cool off this summer than with a refreshing homemade juice that does double duty as popsicles? And now juicing is easier than ever thanks to a little help from the KitchenAid® Maximum Extraction Juicer.

Step aside, green juice. This vibrant red beverage is stealing the summer juice spotlight, and it’s packed with nutrient-rich beets, oranges, apples, carrots and a hint of fresh ginger. Grab your juicer and get ready for a healthy dose of fruits and veggies in this recipe for Beet the Heat Juice.

Beet the Heat Juice

Juice is only as delicious as the ingredients it’s made with, which is why I turned to Melissa’s Produce to stock up on the essentials for this recipe. I received a large box of crisp and vibrant produce, including small roasted beets, which were the perfect size for popping into the feed chute on the KitchenAid® Maximum Extraction Juicer.

When it comes to juicing beets, you can juice them when they’re raw or roasted, with the roasted variety adding an extra touch of sweetness. Healthy Bonus: Beets not only help lower your blood pressure, they also aid in fighting inflammation and boosting your stamina.

Beet the Heat Juice

With my ingredients cleaned and prepped, I turned on the juicer, added each ingredient into the feed chute and then sat back as the machine worked its magic. The beets lend a vibrant red color to the juice, while the orange provides a touch of tang. A sliver of fresh ginger made its way easily through the juicer, as it was sliced and squeezed to extract every last drop.

Beet the Heat Juice

With three different pulp screens, I was able to control the resulting consistency of the juice and collect the pulp to use in veggie cream cheese and quickbreads. A few short minutes later I was staring down a big jar of freshly squeezed juice packed with vitamins and nutrients.

Beet the Heat Juice

Best of all, this refreshing blend of fruits and veggies can be enjoyed with a straw or poured into molds for a frosty snack sans the guilt of ordinary sugar-packed popsicles.

Beet the Heat Juice

Beet the Heat Juice

Makes 2 servings


6 small beets, cleaned and trimmed
1 green apple, cut into quarters
2 medium carrots
2 oranges, peeled and quartered
1 (1/2-inch) piece fresh ginger, peeled


Turn the KitchenAid® Maximum Extraction Juicer on. Add the beets, green apple, carrots, orange and ginger into the hopper, one ingredient at a time.

Switch the button from ON to REV (reverse) to ensure all liquids have been pressed through the strainer basket.

Pour into a glass and serve immediately or chill, covered, until ready to serve.

Beet the Heat Juice Recipe


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