Freezer Entertaining Tips

Storing Frozen Desserts

By: Nik Sharma of A Brown Table

As soon as the weather starts to get warm, I find myself using my freezer more frequently than I did for the rest of the year. While the freezer remains a great way to store produce and food, I also use it to as a tool to make frozen desserts.

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Banana Bread Granola Recipe

Banana Bread Granola

By: Ashlae Warner of Oh, Ladycakes

Granola is one of those staples I almost always have stashed away somewhere in my kitchen. Most of the time I cave and go with the store-bought variety.

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Cold Brew Old Fashioned Recipe

Cold Brew Old Fashioned

By: Betty Liu of

Besides cold brew, I’ve used this concentrate in other ways, like in cakes, frosting, and cocktails! I’m so excited to share with you a recipe for a twist on the classic Old Fashioned: Cold Brew Maple Old Fashioned!

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Udon Noodles Recipe

Udon Noodles

By: Lindsay Landis of Love and Olive Oil

We’ve just returned from an amazing trip to Japan where we gorged ourselves on mochi, soft serve, and noodles galore. One of the biggest revelations of our trip was fresh udon and just how amazing it can be.

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Summer Shepherd's Pie Recipe

Summer Shepherd’s Pie

By: Lauren Lester of Wicked Spatula

I adore summer produce. I’m always thinking of new ways to use the colorful array of vegetables that I find at the farmer’s market each week. This Summer Shepherd’s Pie is packed full of summer staples like zucchini, peppers, corn, and green beans.

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