Roasted Vegetable Soup

Roasted Vegetable Soup

By: Kristin Marr of Live Simply

A few years ago, my family made a drastic shift in the way we eat. We made the switch from quick, packaged foods, to purchasing ingredients to make our own meals at home. We learned to embrace “prep time.”

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Kitchen Design Tips

Designing a Darker Kitchen

By: Kirsten Grove of Simply Grove

Kitchens are the most used and most popular room of the home. I swear, whenever we host, our guests hang out more in the kitchen than anywhere else.

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Chicken Bangers ’n Mash

Bangers & Mash

By: Lindsay Landis of Love and Olive Oil

Rather than buying generic sausages where you have no control over the meat quality and spice quantity, making sausages at home allows you to fine tune the recipe to your personal preferences.

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Easy Breezy Brunch Entertaining

Easy Brunch Entertaining

By: Emily Caruso of Jelly Toast

With Spring just around the corner, it’s time to up your brunch game. Easter, Mother’s Day, graduation parties, and Father’s Day are all prime brunch opportunities.

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Baked Brussel Sprout Fritters with Citrus Apple Slaw Recipe

Brussels Sprouts Fritters

By: Kristi Murphy of Kristi Murphy

It’s brussels sprouts season. I don’t know about you, but this makes me really happy. Whether it’s a brussels sprouts salad or roasted brussels sprouts, I really can’t get enough of these heavenly green stalks.

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